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Topic :       Staff V Good
Author :     Hall
Last Post : 1/10/2017 1:16:40 PM

You are very lucky your employees are so nice

Topic :       Our Stay
Author :     Robert Goodman
Last Post : 5/16/2011 10:24:49 AM

We enjoyed our stay very much, Thank you

Topic :       zachs restaurant
Author :     jape youe
Last Post : 1/8/2011 4:55:42 AM

oh my god the food in in this restaurant is so so good this is what i would call real soul food. i ordered room service and it was delivered to my room very professional like loved it

Topic :       Great
Author :     Idaway Jackson
Last Post : 11/27/2010 10:26:05 AM

I would come back again very good stay, very quiet and nice

Topic :       Good Place to Stay in Area
Author :     joyce
Last Post : 12/6/2017 11:56:35 PM

I was very impressed with the cleanliness and comfortableness of room.  The beds were comfy, receptionist polite, house keeping was accomodating.  However, bring your own fruit coffee, the 6:30am cup is the same as the 10:30--- they make one pot per day, not cool for late sleepers.

Topic :       room
Author :     John williams
Last Post : 9/1/2010 8:36:05 PM

I stay in the inn whenever i am in murfreesboro or ahoskie. Olive in Philadelphia and after a seven hour drive iam glad tohave anice place to rest. One receptionest., Pat, is very nice. No, the rooms are not perfect, but then look at where i am. It is not philly or New York. Can't give you a 5. But over all you can get a 4 from me. Im sure the workers there do the best with what they have. Good Luck.

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